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FFL Transfers are $30 with CCW and $35 Without

MUST contact us prior to having a gun shipped failure to do so will result in a $50 Transfer fee

Also do NOT have other Accesories or items sent with the firearm just the gun Itself if at all possible...it's more stuff for us to keep track of at the shop
5.45x39 Ammo Now IN STOCK!
Tula 223 AMMO
1000 Round Case
Brass Cased PPU
7.62x51 200 RDS
Silver State Armory 64gr Bonded Tip Ammo High Quality Defensive Load
120rd Pack AE 62gr Green Tip
Federal 12ga Target Loads
22LR Ammo In Stock Limited Quantity
Per 500rds
$24.95 /20rds
Remington and Winchester Match/Defense Ammo
Just Arrived Winchester 30gr Vmax 22 Magnum
Used Firearms
KelTec SU16 Folding Carbine .223 New/Used
Ammo Deals
Gen 3 30rd Sand Color Pmags
Blowout Price
MFT Mission First Tactical 30rd AR Mag
Gen 2 30rd Pmags
50 Rounds
Speer Gold Dot 9mm 124gr Standard Pressure
Gen 3 30rd Pmags
Center Ind. Genuine USGI 30rd
Steyr Aug Bullpup NEW FDE
Custom 16" 7.62x39 Ar15 Uppers Complete
These WILL Run on Cheap Tula Steel Case
Tactical Glasses
Palmetto Nitride BCG with 120rd Can AE 55gr 556 Ammo
Regular Price $19.95
Clear Lancer L5AWM 30rd Mags
20rd Hydrashock
40S&W Ammo Special
50rd Federal Classic
All Prices Shown are Cash Discount Prices.  We do our best to make sure prices are accurate, but will not be held to typographical errors.  Thank You.
All Firearm prices are Cash or Debit, Add 3% for CC.
SALE CZ Scorpion 9mm
Glock 43 9mm
Geissele Super Precision Trijicon MRO Mount Absolute Co-Wittness
Daniel Defense DDM4 V11 Black and Kryptek
$1399 SOLD OUT
Colt 22 Rail Gun .22 LR Licensed Colt MFG by Walther
Glock 17 9mm Gen 3
Trijicon MRO Patrol Model Includes New Mount Front and Rear Flip Caps Must SEE
Trijicon MRO Red Dot Optic Paired with the Best Mount on the Market Geissele Super Precision Absolute Co-Witness
20rd Box
PPU 75gr Hollow Point Boat Tail Match 223
SALE CANIK TP9 9mm ONLY Black SF Models In Stock
Must Be 18+ Rifle/Shotgun
Must be 21+ Handgun
Must Have Current ID with Current Address
Only Exception for ID Is Those with P.O. Box but must have Valid alternate Government Issued form of documentation showing your Physical Residence ie. Voter ID Card, Motor Vehichle Registration
Surefire X300 Ultra 600 Lumen Pistol Light Black
Surefire X300 Ultra 600 Lumen Pistol Light Tan
ALG Defense QMS (Quality Mil Spec) Triggers ON SALE
BCM PNT Trigger Assembly
Similar to ALG ACT Awesome Value
Spikes Tactical Complete BCG Phosphate Finish
POF EFP Enhanced Finger Placement Unique Finger positioning Drop In Trigger
POF Drop In Trigger Assembly
BCM Sopmod Bolt Upgrade Kit
Here's an Example of How you can Trick out your Glock at Quick Guns Come See Us today For Lights Magwells and Mag extensions
This Glock 43 is equipped with TLR6 and Taran Tactical +2 Mag Extension
Glock 17 Gen 4 Talo Edition Orange Outline Front Night Sight
Ruger 10/22 Green and Grey Laminate Stock 10rd Mag
Quick Guns is Proud to Be a Wilson Combat Dealer
Contact Us to PRE-Order the All New EDC X9
Smith and Wesson MP 2.0 9mm No Thumb Safety New Release
HK P30SK LEM Trigger V1 9mm
Streamlight TLR6
100 Lumen Light with Laser for Glock 42 and 43
Ruger LC9s FDE Frame Sage Slide with Thumb Safety
WAS $719
HK VP9 Tactical IN Stock
Tru Dot Night Sights Threaded Barrel +3 15rd Mags
Starting at $160
We are Now a Dealer For FAXON Firearms Barrels Come See our Inventory!!!
Ruger LC9s Pro 9mm
No Manual Safety
Ruger LC9s 9mm
w/ Manual Safety and Fiber Optic Sights Green Front Red Rear
Black Rain Ordnance Drop in Signle Stage 3.5 Lb Trigger
CMMG Gun Builders Lower Parts Kit
Includes All Parts Minus a Fire Control Grip and Pistol Grip of your Choice
Aero Precision Blem Stripped Lowers
Spikes Tactical ST-15 Spider Logo Lower
  Factory 33rd Glock Mags 9mm
Amazing Low Price
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Surefire M300 Mini Scout 300 Lumen Weapon Light
Surefire XC1 Compact Pistol Light 200 Lumen
Streamlight Protac Rail Mount Weapon Light 625 Lumens
Sig Romeo 4b Red Dot 65MOA Circle or 2 Moa Dot Reticle
Sig P320 9mm Compact Frame with Factory Night Sights
BLOWOUT SALE ONLY 3 IN STOCK Friday and Saturday 3-24 & 3-25 ONLY No Rainchecks
$5.49 ea
Federal LE Buckshot No. 1 Buck
Federal 40gr FMJ 5.7x28 Ammo
50rds $16.99
500 Rds $159
$535 EA
Gen 4 Glock 17 FDE SOLD  
Grey $535
SALE Remington RM380
Limited Time Sale
Smith and Wesson SD9VE 9mm
MAIL IN REBATE Buy any XD series Pistol Between Feb 1-Jun 30 and Receive 4 Mags a Holster and Double Mag Pouch
Blowout DPMS Commercial Buffer Tubes Spring Sale
Vepr 12
12rd Mags
20rd Box
Ted Nugent 10mm Ammo 180gr JHP
Brass Cased 5.56 62gr LAP Green Tip 1000rds
25  Rounds
Remington Golden Saber 230gr Hollowpoint 45 ACP
20 Rounds
SALE Sig Sauer V-Crown Hollowpoint 124gr 9mm
Wolf Gold 223 1000rd case
Wolf Gold 223 is Brass cased Fully Reloadable non Magnetic 55gr FMJ with Sealed Primers We prefer this ammo to Federal  Winchester and PMC
S&W Kryptek MP15-22 22LR Rifle
Sig Tango 4 FFP 4-16x44 Rifle Scope
Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380
Taurus PT92 AF Beretta Clone 9mm
Ruger 10/22 Laminate Purple and Grey Stock 22 LR In Stock SALE PRICE
20rd Box
BLOWOUT SPECIAL Speer Gold Dot 223 DUTY GRADE AMMO 55gr Soft Point Nickel Plated Brass
Closeup of the 223 55gr Gold Dot Soft Point
50rd Box
Fiocchi 9mm 115gr FMJ Ammo
Below Dealer Cost
Ruger AR556 Rifle
Lifetime Warranty
1:8 Twist 556
Springfield Saint 556 Rifle
Purchase any 1000rd Case of 223/556 and take $20 Off the Price of the Gun
Glock 43 FDE Frame 9mm Single Stack
Glock 42 Grey Frame Single Stack 380
Glock 43 9mm
Talo Edition Featuring Steel U-Notch Rear and Trijicon Orange Front Sight
Ruger Original LCP with Red Laser and Pocket Holster Excellent CCW Weapon
Century AK47 Underfold AK63DS 7.62x39
Armscor Brass Cased 9mm 50rds

115gr FMJ
Was $89
Blowout Special Guntec Free Float 10" Quad Rail
Used Colt 1908 Model Vest Pocket .25 ACP Browning Design
Used Century AK74 5.45x39 Includes 2 30rd Mags
Used NAA Guardian 32NAA
3 Mags and Original Box Included
Ruger 10/22 M1 Carbine Look
Awesome for those who love the M1 Carbines Comes with 15rd Magazine
100rd Box
Tulammo 7.62x39 8M3 Hollowpoint Ammo this Stuff is INCREDIBLE
$79/50rd box
Lapua 6br Factor Ammo
Only 4 Boxes 2 105gr Scenar
2 90gr Scenar
Was $29.99
Sig Sauer Ammo .357 Sig 125gr FMJ 50rd Box
Remington UMC 9mm Luger MEGA PACK 250rds
Was $17.99
Silver Bear .380 ACP 90gr FMJ Bimetal Case
Functioned 100% when tested in a Glock 42 Remington
RM 380 and Diamondback DB380
Stainless 7" 556 1:9 Twist Barrels ON SALE
Phosphate 7" 556 1:9 Twist Chrome Lined Barrels On Sale
Used Superb Condition Smith & Wesson Model 53 22 Jet "Magnum"
Barrel Markings 22 Centerfire Magnum NOT 22 WMR 22 Jet is an Entirely Different Cartridge
Beautiful Case Color Target Hammer and Trigger
Included with the 22 Jet Revolver are 35 rounds of factory loaded ammo and 15 fired casings
Ruger 10/22 Classic Takedown Includes 10rd Magazine and Carry Case that stores the rifle in the takedown configuration
Blackhawk Inside the Waistband Appendix Holster

For Glock 19,42 and 43
S&W Shield Ruger LC9
MSRP $675
Mossberg 500 ATI Tactical Cruiser FDE Furniture Side Shell Saddle Heat Shield Top Rail for Optic
Must be 21+ to purchase
Mossberg 500 Pistol Grip Shotgun with Heat Shield 12ga
Must be 21+ to Purchase
Mossberg 500 20" Barrel 12ga
Mossberg 500 Scorpion ATI Grip Stock and Forend 12ga
Springfield XDS 9mm Bitone
Springfield XDS 9mm Grey Frame
Springfield XDS 45 ACP FDE Frame
Springfield XDS 45 ACP 3.3" Barrel Single Stack
SGM 25rd 12ga Vepr-12 Drum Mags
Springfield XD9 Mod 2 3" 9mm Subcompact
Springfield XD9 MOD 2 9mm Threaded w/ Suppressor Height Sights
Reg $889
Colt Competition 38 Super NEW

S&W M&P 9mm Shield
Buy Any 1000 Round Case of 223/556 Ammo and Take $20 Off the Gun making it just $499
Springfield XDS 45 4.0" Barrel 45 ACP
Century AK47 Pistol RAS47 Magpul Furniture 7.62x39
Glock 20 10mm Grey Frame Gen 4
PWS Buffer Tube Kit Racheting Castle Nut QD Endplate
Just Released Ruger Precision Rifle 556 Nato
20 Round Boxes
Buck $17.95 / 7.5 shot $11.95
Load nearly twice as many!
Used MKE Zenith MP5 Clone Very High Quality with Sig Brace!!
Comes with 4 30rd Mags Orignal box and Manual Made in Turkey On HK Tooling
50rd Box
Federal Contract Overun Ammo 9mm
147gr JHP
50rd Box
Speer Lawman 124gr 9mm FMJ
Some of the best Practice ammo Available
25rd Box
Spartan 12ga 00 Buckshot 2.75" Shells
These will Fit in SAIGA and other DRUM MAGS!!
25rd Box
S&B 12ga 00 Buckshot 2.75" Shells
These WON'T Work in Drum Mags due to the Rolled European Style Crimp
20rd Box
Wolf Military Classic 6.5 Grendel 100gr FMJ Steel Case Ammo
115gr Hollow
Point 9mm
50 Rounds
Armalite Eagle AR15 556 1:8 16" Barrel Awesome Rifle BELOW COST!!!!
Maxim PDW PISTOL ATF Aproved Adjustable Cheekpiece
Glock 42 380ACP
Taurus PT92 AFS 9mm Stainless Slide Polished Aluminum Frame
Back In Stock
Geissele Super Charging Handle Ambi Desert Color
Starting at $229
Geissele MK8 Rails 9.5-15" Lengths MLOK Handguards
Geissele Super Precision Low Pro Gas Block
Diamondback DB380
380 ACP

Century AK47 Pistol RAS47 Magpul Furniture 7.62x39 with SIG BRACE
Gently Used Ruger SR1911 Series 70 Style 9mm 1911
50rd Box
American Eagle Syntech 115gr Polymer Coated 9mm
Reduces Friction Heat and Barrel Wear
20rd Box
Hornady Black
6.5 Grendel 123gr Amax
20rd Box
Lantac Dragon Muzzle Brake One of the Best On the market
Blowout Special Delton Builders Kits Complete Upper Lower Parts Kit Buffer Tube assembly and Stock

                                    Everything Minus a Stripped Lower
50rd Box
Hornady 22 Magnum 30gr Vmax 50rd Box
50rd Box
CCI 22 Magnum 40gr JHP
50rd box
100rd Box
Hornady 6mm Bullets 105gr Amax
Projectiles ONLY NOT Loaded Ammo
FNH Five Seven Pistol Used Includes 500 Rounds of American Eagle Ammo Factory  box and 2  20rd Magazines
Used Smith and Wesson Performance Center 8 Shot 357 Magnum Model 327 "Pug Nose" Titanium Cylinder Ultra Light
Hogdon H4895 1lb Container
Hogdon Varget 1lb Container
CCI Magnum Small Rifles Primers 1000 Count Boxes
20rd Box
Remington UMC 6.8 SPC 115gr FMJ
Ruger American .223  Vortex Crossfire
Was $499
Midwest Industries AR Pistol 556 10.5" Barrel MLok Rail ON SALE
Bernadelli .380 Model 80 Unique Single Action Italian Pistol Finish Is not Prisitine Light Rust Freckels cover slide and frame Great project for restoration
Bersa 380 Nickel Finish
Low Round Count
Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 38 Built In Insight Red Laser Lightweight 5 Shot Revolver
HK VP9 LE Model 3 Mags and Tru Dot Night Sights
Sig P230 .380 ACP
Unique Serial Number ends in 007
Ruger LC9s Used Unfired
Colt M4 Carbine Lower No Stock or Trigger Guard
Noveske Geissele Super Ambi Charging Handle
Gen 3 Glock 17 FDE
Palmetto State Armory
*MPI Bolt*
Walther P22 Target with Compensator Weighted Barrel
Springfield XDS 9mm FDE Frame
WAS $1299
BCM 5.56 Pistol
KMR-A Enhanced Lightweight
Taran Tactical Inovations Glock 43 +1 Mag Extensions
Was $239
S&S Arms Billet AR15 Lower Made in Gilbert AZ
CZ P-09 Full Size 9mm 19+1 Capacity SUPER DEAL Below Dealer Cost
Spikes Tactical Crusader Forged Lower Integral Trigger Guard
Spikes Billet Crusader Lower Ambi safety Ambi Bolt Release Incredible Lower
LWRC Ultra Compact Stock Kit
Allows use of Standard BCG Great for SBR or Getting the Shortest overall Package on your AR15
HK VP9 9mm
HK VP9/P30 15rd Magazine 9mm
HK VP9 Just Released OD Green Frame 9mm
Opsol Mini Clip
For Mossberg Pump Shotguns allows the use of Aguila Mini Shells Install and remove in seconds
Walther P22 Stainless Slide Robins Egg Blue Frame 22LR
Ambidextrous Safety Selector AR15
Ruger AR556 Grey, Geen or FDE Magpul Furniture